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The Best Contractor In Durban For Building Retaining Walls


Building strong, high quality retaining walls requires precision and strict adherence to detailed procedures. If this is not done, the wall can fail and turn into a safety hazard. Hiring the best contractor in Durban will ensure you that the job will be done flawlessly.

We are the leading retaining wall contractor in the Durban area. Our company has served the community for many years. Our clients trust us to build them a solid structure that is strong, durable, and unrivaled in quality. We take time to build a high quality retain wall, and we take pride in our workmanship.

Here are some reasons why our customers rave about our work.

High Quality Finishing

It is all about the finishing. Not only is our wall solid and strong, but it is also attractive. We work with our clients to make sure that the design of the wall complements the design of the home and property. We make sure that our work adds to the aesthetic value of the house.

You do not have to sacrifice beauty for strength.


Don’t choose something that will not last a long time.

A poorly constructed wall will crack and deteriorate after a short time. This can pose a danger to you and to the people near your property. You should never take that risk. Always go with a solution that is built on a solid foundation and which will last year after year. An experienced contractor will use the highest quality of materials and the most reliable construction methods in order to guarantee the structural integrity of the wall.

Certified Professionals

Every member on the construction team is certified and extensively trained. This guarantees the highest standards in results. If a customer wants a durable retaining wall that will match his property perfectly, he should only work with a professional who has the right certifications.

The contractor will be happy to go over the construction details with the client and answer any questions that he might have about the process. The contractor’s knowledge and expertise that come from his certification will add long-term value to the project. This is a must-have if professional standards are expected.

Contact a qualified professional for a consultation. The contractor will evaluate the property and the design requirements, and come up with a building plan that is sure to be impressive. This will start the process of building the perfect retaining wall that will blend beautifully with the property. Fill in the form to the right or call us on 031 100 1933 and we can discuss your project.